Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Caroline

BICA is my dream brand made out of passion, and love for fashion.

My great love for colors, fabrics, and aesthetics burned inside me and pushed me to create the models and combinations exactly as I envisioned them in my mind's eye. It took me a while before I dared because sometimes it takes time to make dreams come true, especially when I strive for quality and attention to small and large details.

I chose to create my collection out of a desire to dress women the same way I like to dress myself - with combinations inspired by the spirit of adventure, eclectic, intuitive, and personal style that are not affected by passing trends.

I have created timeless yet current models, interwoven with a modern twist and a nostalgic nod to the past, with contemporary functionality. These models are suitable for confident, liberated, special women inside and out.

With this collection, I believe you can enrich your wardrobe with unique details that do not depend on definite seasonality or a certain trend. The cuts are comfortable, in adjusted sizes that flatter the female body, with colors and interesting prints from comfortable fabrics. It is important to me that you shop wisely so that you can enjoy the items for a long time.

BICA is an online brand of choice that provides you with a clothing collection at affordable prices without mark-ups or a complex infrastructure setup. The garments are produced in India by people in a small home tailoring family with care for details and raw materials. They are all handmade, so not all pieces are exactly the same, while ensuring local and fair production.

I set off, and I hope you will join me.